Trendy Suits Clothing for Men

Suit for men, in contrast to women’s fashion, stays longer. Usually, it takes decade for the trend to stay. As seen on the catwalks of major fashion capitals of the world, designers have come up with the idea that the suit for the decade would be a compilation of all the best elements of each era.

Stylish Suit for Men 2017 Fashion Trends

The suit style for this year would range from the fully detailed cut, which, of course, would require having a lot of character to pull off, to a more streamlined cut.

How classic the cut of the suit is and how masculine a gentle man would look are the two qualities a man should look when purchasing his suit.

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The manliness of a man should be seen in the way the suit was cut and tailored. In other words, the suit would make a man manlier. It must compliment his body, his physique, something that would broaden his shoulders, perhaps or maybe something that would hide the flaws and accentuate the attributes, like a slim waist.

The cuts the men should look for would be an in-between the boxy-cut suits of the years ago and the slim boy cut of 2014 and 2015. Boxy suits are no longer in fashion now and the skinny boy cut has lost its flavor. What men need now is a slim cut, something that would appeal to the masculinity of a man.

To determine the masculinity of a man in a suit, you need to accentuate the three silhouette elements of a suit. You need to accentuate the broad shoulders, if with padding, and then do so. You also need to emphasize the slim waist. In addition to the two, the trousers should be slim and close to the body. You can even design t-shirts to pair with the suit.

Accessories can’t be ignored while talking about perfect look in suits.If there’s one single accessory that men wear and find it important, that is, a watch. Many men wear watches without considering how they look. To know the time is one thing but to wear a sophisticated watch tells people about your personality.

There are many watches out there but many are also tacky. There are things to consider when you buy a watch.

Your Lifestyle

First and foremost, you really don’t need to have a dozen watches or so. It’s just that you need to wear a classy watch when you look dressier, and maybe a sports watch when you do your exercise. It is just that. So consider your lifestyle.

The face and color of the strap
Nowadays, watches tend to be more colorful, especially in unexpected colors such as orange or neon green. Many watchmakers have hitched on this trend, including expensive ones. There is nothing wrong about that but when if you want to create business or classy look, you may want to think and look in the other way. It may be inappropriate to wear such colors to a business meeting. Stick to the neutral non-overpowering colors.

The Face
This is another trend that is going to stay. Standard-sized watch faces tend to look womanish on a man with a large wrist. The face of the watch must be relative to the size of the hand and wrist of the wearer.

Consider having it in stainless steel. Not only is it durable but it can also be worn with a suit. Leather can wear off over time and you have to be careful when it is wet. Stick to the more versatile one.

Water Resistance
Watches that are water resistant are more practical. You don’t need to worry about it when you swim or when it gets wet. Water resistance means it can resist moisture up to a certain degree. It is all up to you up to how many meters can you watch resist water.