How Performing An Irish Goodbye Can Save Your Life

The Irish are famous for their hospitality, and notorious for the so called ‘Irish goodbye’.  If you haven’t heard about this term, maybe you have heard about ‘ghosting’ which is basically the same thing.  So, an Irish goodbye is the act of leaving a social event without saying a word to your host. 

While this exiting strategy might seem a bit strange, it is actually very practical and can be a real lifesaver in some social situations.

The Irish Hospitality

IHIIrish are very famous for their hospitality.  They will ask you one thousand times how you like your tea, whether you will have something to drink, what would you like to eat, are you comfortable, and so on.  This behavior might sometimes seem like it is too much of hospitality to bear, but please remember that the Irish only want to be good hosts and in this way they are showing did they care for you.  You will not leave an Irish home feeling that you haven’t been welcomed properly.  A true Irishman will do everything and anything to please their guests.  Which brings us to the following:

How Do You Leave The Hospitable Irish Host?

Well, when it comes to leaving, leaving an Irish home and the Irish host might seem like an impossible task.  They will do everything in their power to keep you a bit longer in order to show their hospitality.  They will try to pack food for you, and will object if you tried to go.  They will also talk, and talk, and talk, and you want be able to leave.  Therefore you might find yourself leaving for hours.

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Why Irish Goodbye Is The Best!

As we have seen, since the leaving can be prolonged to unimaginable lengths of time, the best exit strategy is to perform an Irish goodbye.  Doing an Irish goodbye might seem inconsiderate, but actually it is the most considerate way to leave a social gathering, and it is considered to even to be polite.  In this way, you are not the upsetting your host by mentioning that you will leave, and you do not create unnecessary turmoil with leaving, you just gently and elegantly disappear.  Also, this strategy allows you to avoid being questioned and interrogated by the host why are you leaving or persuaded to stay just a bit longer.  Therefore performing Irish goodbye is best for everyone involved.

How To Perform A Proper Irish Goodbye

Ideally, you should leave the gathering alone so that no one notices. If you plan to escape with a friend, avoid even mentioning leaving or looking like you are about to leave, just look at your accomplice then to the door then again to your accomplice to send a secret signal that you plan to leave – it’s the Irish way of saying goodbyes!


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